Key Personnel

President / Owner / Managing Member - Gilbert Taylor


OFFICE: 301.832.7141
FAX: 301.262.3355
CELL: 301.832.7141


Mr. Taylor served as Professional Director of Facilities Maintenance for over 20 years, including Director of Engineering and Maintenance at St. Elizabeths Hospital and other Local and State Agencies. He oversaw the construction of the 450,000 GSF New St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Ward 8 which opened in 2010, estimated cost $116 mil.

He managed the physical plant both on the east and west campuses at St. Elizabeths Hospital with over 3 mil. sq. ft. of occupied space with a staff of over 300 and annual budget of over $20 mil. Due to downsizing and the consolidation of the East and West Campuses to the East, Mr. Taylor became responsible for overseeing to all physical plant engineering and maintenance issues consisting of over 1.7 million square feet of space and 37 buildings on the Hospital campus.

Mr. Taylor served in the dual capacity as the principal engineering advisor and consultant to the DMH, St. Elizabeths Hospital and as the Director of the Engineering and Maintenance Department (EMD), with the responsibility of coordinating and integrating activities in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and construction engineering.

Mr. Taylor provided technical advice and consultation in the planning, implementation, and maintenance phases of construction, major improvements and repairs, maintenance engineering, operations and coordination with other DMH activities and objectives.

Mr. Taylor has demonstrated tremendous ability in the Management of contractors in miscellaneous trades (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Hazmat, Locksmith, General Construction, Utilities)

He can prepare contract specifications for construction and refurbishment work to be done by outside contractors. He is familiar with pricing utilizing RS Means and can provide estimates within a day depending on the size of the project.

Mr. Taylor served as Contract Officer Technical Representative (COTR) for all Facility and Physical Plant projects and performs needed research and Evaluate preliminary designs, technical specifications, and associated costs.

Over the two year span after leaving the District of Columbia and managing Salone, Mr. Taylor has managed several Federal Government projects in the million dollar range and he is currently providing consultant services with Defense Contractors as the PM for the HVAC replacements contracts at the NRL Building 216 ($3.4M)

He is an expert in Facilities Regulations, Construction Quality Control, and Construction Safety Management.

As the sole owner and Managing Member of Salone, LLC, Mr. Taylor is directly responsible for developing all operational policies, procedures, strategic planning and marketing efforts. He serves as the person of contact for potential clients and submits all contracts and bid proposals. For all contracts received, he selects personnel, assigns responsibilities, establishes performance timetables and the procedures required to insure the highest quality of product. He is directly responsible for the overall marketing, developing relationships with strategic and channel partners, suppliers, and vendors as well as the internal administration of the company required to control fiscal responsibility, appropriate personnel management, and sound operational practices.


Mr. Taylor’s educational accomplishments include but are not limited to the following: Honors Diploma in Marine (Mechanical) Engineering, Licensed First Grade Stationary Engineer – State of Maryland, Associate Degree in Electronic Technology to include Lab Course, Certificate in Refrigerant Transition and Recovery, Certificate of Merit in Facilities Management, Certificate in Construction Quality Management for Contractors, Certificate in OSHA Safety Management Systems Evaluation, Certificate in OSHA Emergency Action Plans, Certificate in OSHA 30 hrs. Safety and Health, Certificate in OSHA 130 hrs. Safety and Health, and Certificate in Adult, Child, Infant CPR/AED and First AID.


Mr. Taylor over the years have demonstrated his Management and Technical Experience in the following areas that include but are not limited to Administrative Systems, Budget Management, Customer Relations, Department Head Responsibilities, Feasibility Studies, Financial Reporting, Government Contract Management, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Contract Management, and Project Management.

His Technical Experience includes but is not limited to Account Supervision, Cost Analysis, Database Management, Bid Preparation, Estimating, Inventory Control, Job Specification Development, Project Research, Quality Assurance, Quality Control Procedures, Project Scheduling, Technical Report Preparation, Tracking and Expediting, and overseeing GREEN building and system construction and installation.